Jesus H mutha fuckin' boom boom Christ (beanochavez) wrote,
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Best Mix Ever

1.  We're Going To Be Friends- The White Stripes
2.  She's An Angel- They Might Be Giants
3.  You're The Good Things- Modest Mouse
4.  Holland, 1945- Neutral Milk Hotel
5.  Saturday Looks Bad To Me- Oppenheimer
6.  Rev. 22:20- Puscifer
7.  Glass Danse- The Faint
8.  Bite Your Rhymes- Mindless Self Indulgence
9.  Putting Shame In Your Game- Beastie Boys
10. Do Fries Go With That Shake?- George Clinton
11. Bomb This Track- Mindless Self Indulgence
12. Three Little Pigs- Green Jello
13. Thunderhorse- Dethklok
14. FishFuck- Gwar
15. Wolf Like Me- TV On The Radio
16. Lucky Number Nine- The Moldy Peaches
17. Extraordinary Machine- Fiona Apple
18. Rehab- Amy Winehouse
19. Amsterdam- Peter, Bjorn and John
20. Steak For Chicken- The Moldy Peaches
21. The Air Is Getting Slippery- Primus
22. Out Of Gas- Modest Mouse
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